Broken bench

Men invented words
so they could lie
to each other.

Men invented money
so they could enslave

Men invented mass surveillance
so they could control

Men invented standards for beauty
so they could sell products
that mimic the artificial standards.

Men invented ownership
so they could oppress
women and children.

Men invented wars
so they could kill
each other, and the earth.

Branch touch Water

Come find me
I’m the poet
Whose words fell on deaf minds
Mute is their setting on my masterpiece 

Come find me
I’m the dreamer
Whose hopes fell on switchblade minds
Shadow ghosts spit on my heart’s peace vision

Come find me
I’m the song
Whose tune was viciously hijacked  
Sorcery pellets gag my soulful melody

Come find me
I’m the joy parade
Whose pearls were trampled 
 ‘Neath a who are you stranger groan 

Come find me
I’m the diamond
Whose sparkle was crushed 
”Smart-bombs” hit their baby-killer target

Come find me
I’m the wildflower
Whose seeds fell on moral ground 
Lifestream’s gardenia living life impulse 

For this relief much thanks. ’Tis bitter cold,
And I am sick at heart.